Corporate Governance

Meta Estate Trust follows and adheres to corporate governance principles that are applicable to all listed companies. 

The company has now entered a new stage of development in which its real estate-specific resources have been strengthened by attracting new experienced professionals. Meta Estate Trust is currently led by a 5-member Board of Directors with a strategic management role, nominated for a 4-year term, and an executive team of real estate and financial professionals.

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation of META ESTATE TRUST SA, 03.04.2023

Dividend Policy

Dividend policy and practice.pdf

We are a growing company, therefore we will propose to shareholders a mixed dividend policy. Part of the profit will be reinvested through offering free shares, while another part of our profit will be distributed as annual dividends.


The financial auditor of the Company is Mazars Romania SRL, headquartered at Globalworth Campus Pipera, Building B, 4B and 2-4 Ing. George Constantinescu Street, 5th floor, Room 2, Bucharest, a member of the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania with registration number 699/2007 and registered with the Bucharest Trade Registry under no. J40/756/1995, VAT number RO6970597.


The company's investment policy is based on a mix of investment typologies with different risk and return profiles to shape a diversified and flexible portfolio that can easily adapt to market cycles.
The analysis and mitigation of investment risks associated with this asset class is a key activity of the company, taking into account three dimensions of research:


The feasibility of exit hypotheses - price and timing


The feasibility of completing construction works - budget compliance and financing


The legality of the project - compliance with urban planning indices and adherence to legal texts regarding obtaining building permits