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Meta Estate Trust is your portal between the real estate market and the capital market, developing a dynamic portfolio of real estate investments.

About us 

A portal between the Stock Exchange and  real estate market

Listed on the AeRO market of Bucharest Stock Exchange  

For any investor, no matter the budget

A dynamic team with significant experience

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Benefits for investors

Meta Estate Trust offers a series of advantages through exposure to the real estate investment market while solving associated inefficiencies

Highly efficient with minimal risks

The activity is undertaken by a competent team with expertise and a deep knowledge of the local real estate market. The team can first assess and manage the risks associated with this type of investment, and secondly identify rare opportunities that generate high investment returns.


The ownership of shares in a listed company is primarily liquid. An investment in real estate has a considerably lower degree of liquidity, which is a real disadvantage for investors. Shares in Meta Estate Trust represent a share of a whole real estate investment portfolio and can be freely traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. With Meta, the real estate investment becomes liquid.

Adaptability to market cycles 

The investment policy provides for a specialization in two strategic pillars with a polar return/risk profile. The allocation of capital between the two pillars is flexible and acts as a lever to adapt the investment portfolio to different market cycles.

Democratizing investment through minimal capital requirement to invest: 

Real estate investments have high capital barriers and exclude a wide range of investors who do not have the availability to allocate the considerable amount of capital that this asset class requires. The nominal value of 1 RON/share MET opens up the possibility for any investor to access the real estate market.

High bargaining power through a large capital holding institution 

A large investment ticket manages to obtain a considerably lower entry price, having a higher bargaining power with local entrepreneurs. In addition to the entry price, we can also talk about access to a more sophisticated class of investments such as equity associations with profit sharing or mezzanine financing. These opportunities are not eligible for an individual investor.

Diversifying risk through a large-scale portfolio exposed to different locations and market segments

The real estate market is generally highly segregated and can have different dynamics depending on the area and segment. The exposure of an isolated investment thus has much higher risk in the context of market cycles compared to a portfolio of investments located in different geographical areas and market segments.

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About us 

Meta Estate Trust addresses both investors in the capital market, who can benefit from the attractive returns of the real estate market, without burden, with well-managed risks and through a liquid financial system, as well as active entrepreneurs in the real estate market, who can access a new source of financing through Meta Estate Trust.

The vision of this project is designed through the prism of the founders' existing experience, who have conceived a unique model adapted to the local market.

The main two premises  with which we operate are: (I) high returns can be obtained in the real estate market and (II) there is a need for financing of this market through the capital market. After 2 years of activity, these key assumptions have been validated by the financial results obtained, which shows that we have a sustainable business.

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The Meta Estate Trust Team 

Meta Estate Trust means a young and dynamic team, but with extensive experience in the field.

Bogdan brings over 14 years of external audit financial services experience in Big4.

Antonela has over 15 years of experience in real estate - she has developed projects totaling over 3,000 apartments.

From apartment renovations and sales in Portugal, to real estate developments in Corbeanca and a real estate crowd-funding start-up, Alexandru is a multiple entrepreneur in companies from the local and international real estate market.

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If you don't have an account on an investment platform, here is  a list of ASF authorized brokers in Romania.

Be a real estate investor

Meta Estate Trust opens the real estate investment market to any investor, whether you want to invest 1,000, 10,000, or 100,000 Euros.

With over 25 completed projects in the last 2 and a half years and almost 30 ongoing projects , we offer you the most diverse range of real estate investments available on the market. We recently achieved an exit for a 2-year investment with an annualized profit of 20% and a total profit of 37% .

Investment typologies


Co-Developing (Partnership with Developers with Profit Sharing/Mezzanine) 

This type of investment involves entering into a partnership with a real estate developer for one or more specific real estate development projects with the goal of sharing the returns generated from this activity.


Bulk Acquisitions

This type of investment involves purchasing a package of newly completed apartments at a discount and reselling them individually at market price within a 6-12 month period. In most real estate development projects, there is unsold inventory of apartments at the time of project completion (10-15%). In this situation, the developer prefers to sell this remaining inventory of apartments at a discount in order to close the project and invest the released capital in other new projects.


Early Stage Acquisitions 

This type of investment involves pre-contracting residential units in an early-stage real estate project and reselling them upon completion. The goal is to obtain a momentary discount (early stage).


Distressed Assets/Tranzacţii Oportunistice

This investment type is based on the mechanism of forced sale that banks or any other creditor applies in the event of a debtor's default. It does not have a predefined structure and can vary from case to case, but generally applies to projects in banks that reach the execution phase. The value opportunity comes from the creditor's need to force-sell the property, which involves a substantially reduced price compared to the market value or exploitation of the asset. Most of the time, the property represents an unfinished real estate development project, and the opportunity requires additional investments and work to maximize the sales value.


Call/Put-Option on Real Estate Assets 

This type of investment involves pre-contracting a future or completed property. The transaction price is set at a considerable discount compared to the market price (30-35%), and the seller has the option to redeem the pre-contract at a lower margin (20-25%). The redemption period is generally between 9 and 12 months, and the investment risk MET remains only a market risk, not a default risk (in the scenario where the seller does not exercise their option, MET acquires a property that can be resold at a higher margin).

The real estate market is not only for big investors.

Meta Estate Trust offers you the opportunity to become a real estate investor through the stock market. 

Invest in real estate stocks, not in land or apartments!


Adrian Viman
Shareholder Meta Estate Trust

Having the belief that it will be a success story, for me it was a natural step to become an investor and a supporter of the team of professionals I met at Meta Estate Trust. The company's model attracted me because, over the past 10 years, I have personally "tested," with success, a large part of the activity that Meta Estate Trust carries out. Thus, having extensive professional experience in the real estate field, both in Romania and internationally, I am convinced that Meta Estate Trust's innovative business model will have a significant positive impact on the real estate market in Romania.

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