The investment portfolio of Meta Estate Trust stands out for its adaptability and flexibility, essential qualities in a dynamic and changing real estate market. Its unique investment strategy is based on a diversified mix of assets, capable of generating solid returns in times of economic growth and maintaining its value during periods of stagnation. 

Name Type Entry Date Equity investment
Poiana SPV 6814 SRL Partnership with Developer Mar-2024 1,250,000 €
The Level 2 - Rent Income producing Sep-2023 400,000 €
Str. Ion Dragalina 16 - APX Partnership with Developer Nov-2023 1,400,000 €
Greenlake primavera Early Stage Oct-2023 700,000 €
Redport capital - The Level 3 Partnership with Developer Sep-2023 1,000,000 €
Swiss Hotel - Poiana Brasov Income producing Sep-2023 1,595,000 €
First States Pipera Early Stage Nov-2022 702,507 €
Metropolitan Call/Put Option Mar-2023 700,000 €
ONE 66 - Brasov Call/Put Option Feb-2023 586,000 €
Sopra Neptun - City Lake Call/Put Option Nov-2022 180,000 €
Up Lake Chitila Call/Put Option Apr-2022 455,000 €
NOA Victoriei Call/Put Option Aug-2023 500,000 €
NOA Residence 1 Call/Put Option Apr-2022 1,100,000 €
Ghimbav Call/Put Option Feb-2022 762,300 €
Greenfield Baneasa Early Stage Aug-2021 282,000 €
Morilor Sibiu Partnership with Developer Apr-2022 260,000 €
Novarion - The Lake Home - Sibiu Partnership with Developer Dec-2021 3,000,000 €
Avrig Phase 2 Early Stage Aug-2022 1,634,340 €
Matasari Early Stage May-2023 2,254,840 €
RockMountain Partnership with Developer Dec-2022 2,250,000 €

Portfolio diversification

Market segmentation in real estate is influenced by location and the type of property use, such as residential or commercial. Investing in a single segment can be riskier, as it exposes one to fluctuations specific to that segment. For instance, investing solely in commercial spaces may suffer during a recession in that sector.

On the other hand, a diversified portfolio, including investments in various segments such as residential, commercial, and industrial, reduces risk through diversification. A decrease in demand or prices in one segment can be balanced by the strong performance of other segments, providing better protection against overall market volatility.

The ideal portfolio allocation
Co-Development 20%
Early stage 10%
Call option contracts on real estate assets 15%
Income reccuring assets 20%
Bulk Acquisitions 20%
Distressed Assets 15%

Portfolio structure